YAHOO search results page changes to improve search results position

industry pointed out that this redesign of YAHOO seems familiar, because its design is similar to Google launched two years ago.

search resultsSina

YAHOO launched a new homepage design in February of this year, and today the launch of the search results page changes are basically consistent with the homepage design principles. YAHOO said that this change is only the beginning, which means that the company may be in the next few years and further change the search results page. In the acquisition of new products and personnel issues, YAHOO has taken enough measures to make major changes to all areas of the business. (Tang Feng

: YAHOO redesigned


from YAHOO’s own release of GIF picture, redesigned search results appear on the page of the position has increased, mainly due to the browser window along the navigation bar into a single format. In addition, YAHOO brand Logo also becomes small, the search bar on the right sign, the left has a simple navigation menu, allowing the user to change the search and selection of search results according to time. YAHOO also said that the back-end design has also been improved, should bring faster loading, while the new navigation bar will soon appear in other YAHOO products.

technology news Beijing time on June 6th morning news, YAHOO on Wednesday on the search results page made changes, updated in the visual aspect, in order to emphasize the ranking of search results, and clear the navigation bar and some content look out of order.


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