The policy interpretation of the double Ctrl search 360

1, now look for the user’s habits of

Experience the effect of

2, with the same distinction existing

yesterday I experience a bit, 360 "double Ctrl" search, the effect can also be. I was watching TV with my escort "see" Longmen, I do not know what is the meaning of I, double-click the CTRL pop-up search box. When I wrote this article, for the "dart" word five pen I can’t play, just double-click on the CTRL query.

two, how to plan these ideas


360 is Ming worry, if there is no love Shanghai to return to the good, but after the search results returned after they found almost the same.


statement first, I’m not 360 hardcore fans, I can use 360 double C search is a concern, but in my experience the day after the discovery of the effect is good. In particular, watching movies, medical staff with the business, the programmer is very convenient when writing programs, when playing the game, it is.

Secondly, I return the results for

users. 360. To do this too widely, as well as I said above that, according to several targeted industries, publicity. For example, when watching movies, playing games, medical personnel in the use of business, really can better reflect this convenience to.

, a core is in a different mode of operation, convenient for users to

then we see operation method 360. Double click the ctrl., enter the keyword. Two steps, 360 of the search strategy, is clearly from the analysis of existing user habits of. You can find some cut things, micro innovation. So the key here, whether we are doing what industry, if you want to make their own decision, must from the user’s existing usage, examination >

now we search, the general procedure is returned to the browser, and then open the site navigation, open the search engine, enter the keyword, the search results returned. A total of five steps. This is the current user’s habits.

1, this is the core of

finally, his return page the beauty of some poor, but I believe it will be soon perfect. Said so much, I just want to say that 360 of the launch of the "double Ctrl" search is good. Should be very promising. Of course this is I should succeed if you hate the statements of a school, 360, when I put a silent little ass. Since I think it will, then it should analyze its policy ideas

mode of operation, and in the past there was a clear distinction between the search box, double-click, although this pattern is not fresh, but in the search engine in this industry but appeared for the first time. Give us a fresh feeling, as if we eat every day Steamed Rice tired to eat, this dish Sliced noodles the same feeling.

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