Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the soft writing need to pay attention to the details of

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when writing will grasp the ideas, such as writing their combat experience, write their own working experience, write their own for some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge of understanding etc.. No matter what kind of articles have to be ready for writing our own ideas before writing, searching for some aspects of their own relatively good areas are more likely to get everyone’s approval. The process of sharing is a process of learning, must not the limitations of their own thinking that knowledge had been stolen by someone like, learning is the world without end soft writing.

fifth, always pay attention to the Internet or what is happening. As one of the lovers, must always understand the Internet especially in the field of Shanghai dragon new changes, such as the recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform online, including a lot of valuable content can be used as the material for us to share, so webmaster, must do a conscientious, continuous exploration, exploration and learning is very important.

second, you must have the value and creativity to attract eyeball. We are soft writing website promotion is very straightforward, but not blindly in order to promote while neglecting the quality of content, low quality articles not only help to users, often some high weight platform should be carried out strictly, the low quality of the content by the administrator can audit, so the original content is only the premise also, the optimization of their thinking and concept of penetration in the original basis, so that their thoughts can really for Shanghai dragon for beginners to play a role in helping groups.

is a writing enthusiasts and practitioners, it usually is not love writing, regardless of whether their written articles can really help to you, but my article is original, today and friends to share, the details need to pay attention to optimize our soft in the writing process.

third, the soft writing also need steady. We know the content of the website update must maintain a certain frequency. In fact, soft writing is the same, as I often write every day write optimization soft, hand bored, do not write for a week next week, really do not know how to cut, which shows Practice makes perfect. soft writing to write a weekly, one to two I think it is not difficult. Stick to it, you will see the soft Wen promotion plays an important role in optimization.

fourth, soft writing also need skills and ideas.


first, we must focus on the soft writing fit platform. We know that the webmaster platform must be too numerous to enumerate the choices, we are good for their soft communication platform, such as the current A5 station network, Shanghai dragon why forum, tui18’s popularity is very high, the weight is better and the relatively large flow of people in the station, we for the forum where the plates and their good to choose the platform, what kind of articles for what platform, website, this is the premise of plate.

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