Share 5 optimization webmaster should avoid excuses

interface will generally appear in the new head of the body, because they are holding the "fun" and "try" attitude in Shanghai dragon, but the optimization fails, they give the best answer is "I of Shanghai dragon is not interested, I do not love this kind of boring work, I just take this as an opportunity to learn".

if I love the site of the Shanghai dragon, I will think of you, not on the site to pay all of their love. Sites like our kids, only to give you all the love, they will grow up healthily. Even if there is no optimization and promotion, pre conception, planning and construction site takes a long time, whether it is to add a page content or create an effective link, is very important to the growth of the web site.

is Shanghai dragon station, when we encounter optimization failure, what we think? Because the search engine algorithm update too fast? Or because the rival team and resources are better than us? These are not the real reason, you just use these interfaces to justify his failure. 5 optimization of common interface, can not find a few

in your body?

if you really love your website, if you really want to do the site, if you love your " Shanghai dragon er" the name, then you will be at the beginning of a project to develop a detailed plan, every day, every week and every month, with the plan and schedule, not just set it at first, it is set up in order to better execute it.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization for more than a year, the only feeling is "result oriented, not any words of reason, but at any given time, specific location, specific jobs, do any one thing, everyone for their mistakes or failure to find reasons and excuses." I don’t love… "." because… So… ". all of these can be your excuse for failure, will certainly be your reason to indulge.



do you think you are not interested in Shanghai Longfeng, your failure can be forgiven? Shanghai Longfeng job is boring, but since you have been engaged in this industry, or use your 100% positive attitude to face, or quickly disappear from the industry, looking for their own space, refused to do so the reason for your failure is not because you have no interest, but your mind, not your convictions.

1, the Shanghai dragon is not interested in

2, there is not enough time to

if I were a Shanghai dragon team leader, when I heard such a reason, I will think you are in for their execution is not enough for an excuse, because of your poor execution, all of you will feel every time are arranged in full, no other spare time doing site.

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