Shanghai dragon website optimization t is necessary to quality content

web content value is also an important factor is that the degree of experience among people, honest and sincere is the duty, but.

third: website content is not only the text but also reflect the value of.

: first must understand what is your website theme? Shanghai dragon; Shanghai dragon.Ee, Shanghai dragon er

fourth: note each article typesetting and layout details.

enterprise website, many industry websites and portals have their own site content source of worry, in fact, for the website optimization website content is very simple, we do not speak for daily updates to the site content is very complex, often pay more attention to more carefully you will find the update the content of the material quality.

we must first understand their own strengths and weaknesses, then, should pay attention to factors very alert observant and alert site peers and competitors. The purpose is to understand the peer address gaps and improve themselves, like others in a class or a keyword on the competition is very strong, so, we look at the time to update the content of your advantage in what place, can be as much as possible to outdo each other? And a lot of the time I have to do is to analyze the other deficiencies oh.

second: careful analysis of peers and competitors.

by observing the opponent opponent website, the insufficient place, we have to strengthen their own strength of the site, his weaknesses by the details of our site to adjust and perfect continuously through the details to narrow the gap is actually the progress of your site.

this is a very important point, because all content sources from the theme of the site, to grasp the purpose when we must update website content, update the content should be consistent and site specific performance in the subject, to be very clear what the website? What are the focus of the web site keywords? What is the site for the user groups and these groups like? You must be clear, with the direction of the things we find when the material will be targeted in the update and we will not deviate from the theme of the website.

value is to give your users value higher than his expectation. For example, we are the sales site, then, in addition to the introduction of the product function, product price, we must learn to provide some high value-added things, for example, notes tell customers to buy the product, tell the user to select the product in addition to the price we have to pay attention to the details of what, finally we need to teach him some maintenance tips. You can also install and use our products through the steps and methods of display pictures, through these very irritating of grounding method, let the consumer recognition of our company and service, so you get the value of enterprise content is undoubtedly the best show, the trust search engine will be for you the site a lot of extra points.

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