Talk about love Shanghai algorithm and the website included rankings

3, the weight is not equal to the daily snapshot: a friend in Shanghai Longfeng, included only 2, but his ranking is good, because if his external do well. But the snapshot not stopped at number 9.

Guangxi Shanghai dragon that is relatively simple to persist, updated every day (even if it is reproduced, the best is used, this kind of method not my original, A5 CHINAZ etc.). Take the love of spiders in Shanghai to develop a first beautiful woman then married. This couldn’t escape! Look too far. Don’t forget to do the same content in the station optimization, then do some external, ranking up slowly. The whole process than bother to marry a wife. If we do not OK truth!

don’t know love Shanghai what’s eating the updated reverse chain suddenly 30 thousand (in W 50 thousand), a snapshot from June 9th jumped into the latest. Usually included still normal, today found a website that is there is no content included, usually reproduced content included, but today is strange not included with W normal included. In addition the website ranking is also normal forward, these days are a rise. The general is passable, the only drawback is the weight. The new adcadc贵族宝贝 more than 60 day experience draws three type:

(included too wild, click to enlarge)

2, equal to the weight of every day every day included included just think this spider station frequently updated, after a period of time will slowly stop way, basically there is no content not included what weight.

1, every day the snapshot is not equal to the weight: take the advertising alliance evaluation network, basically one level and two level will be the latest snapshot, but ranking indeed than than the old domain, they are not a snapshot of the weight, but with very strong, mostly through the money to do.

website ranking problem

recently heard most of the webmaster is K the sea love heart or love Shanghai algorithm again. From the beginning of the 628 events in Shanghai until now to love love Shanghai algorithm is said to have a lot of pain egg station because the keywords accumulation was K. In fact, Guangxi Shanghai dragon think: if you stand not cheating should be calm, as previously included suddenly included more, every day and do not represent the snapshot included your site ranking function, on the whole is better than nothing! Or rely on external high weight. If you do not meet the needs of the Shanghai dragon will immediately change back, natural or K, according to the Shanghai love optimization consultant. Before the teacher asked loose in the blog said that if not in accordance with the optimization will love Shanghai? Can now be said to be K! Today in this group of love Shanghai algorithm changes, Tang Shijun said his blog is right to be reduced and the ZAC blog is right to be reduced. Lin Haoming believes that "spam links or serious circles. However, his another station has not been punished. But a large collection of ranking is also on the rise.

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