The different chain platform release skills

introduction: a few days ago the company’s customers over the way we teach some optimization, I told them some problems outside the chain of editing and publishing. The chain on different platforms, for the chain of the title and content requirements are also different, the today will give you details.

B2B platform to search and classification of people generally have a relatively high degree of precision, if released only company profile on the inside, the effect is certainly not. I talked about the promotion in soft, we extend the content to the user, they need what we provide what, so go to the B2B platform and the classification of people what they need? They are to see the products, the release of information on B2B and classification platform, our company product information release directly with the company information on it. The title to the product title, followed with the name of the company, such as product name + company name in the form.

classification platformGo to the

said extrapolation, I believe many people know, before I also talked about the method to increase the website enquiries, but they also have friends, in accordance with the method to do, why not obvious effect? This is what I am going to talk about today, the extrapolation of different contents of different platform release. Before I said all kinds of methods of original pseudo and attention points below on different platforms, to talk about what they had before the difference, need to release.

in this kind of platform, if you only publish product information, the effect is certainly not, may even be deleted. Blogs and forums with technology exchanges and knowledge exchange, exchange of experience, so in the forum and blog platform, we can release skills, product knowledge, product maintenance skills, product experience in the use of the use of some products, the title of the model is the direct product of XX use method, experience with XX products and XX products and maintenance methods. Then with the name of the company or web site in the middle for promotion. I like to decorate before >

blog and forum platform

for the enterprise website, the main purpose is to promote products, promote their own websites, to sell their products, so the enterprise promotion station. Before there’s a group of girls in a decoration company to do optimization, that hasn’t been single, no one telephone consultation, then I suggested that she take the Huaibei Huaibei decorative decoration, all with the long tail word related to the chain again, then the station issued visitors want to understand the problem, such as price, decoration decoration pollution, how long can you stay, decoration decoration Feng Shui, her execution is strong enough, about a month’s time, the optimization scheme I give all execution down, the site is now ranked first all target keywords love Shanghai two pages. You can find him in love with Huaibei and Huaibei in search of Shanghai decoration decoration, living room, bedroom, kitchen renovation in Huaibei and so on, is now said to call QQ and ask the people gradually up, I gave her another suggestion, it remains to be seen.

B2B and

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