How to carry out rational positioning on the site

positioning of the website is many webmaster friends headache, have a great relationship with the development orientation of good website, with the evolution of love Shanghai search engine, many websites are now positioned into the whirlpool, before some good keywords do webmaster now competition is more and more, some a little keywords profitable webmaster is more and more, in the face of this situation as an ordinary webmaster webmaster and we can not be too much to compete for a keyword, this time webmaster must think of your own website localization success.

website marketing layout, let users most willing to


users come to the site does not necessarily produce the conversion rate, and the key is to look at the conversion rate of website marketing layout, marketing involves the final development degree of the website, why the hao123 website can do so strong, why love Shanghai can become the largest domestic search engine, which are related to the website marketing. A website to have a good development, from the beginning should allow the site to have a reasonable slogan, say you want to run a test site, so the slogan is: you can test the senior high school entrance examination, the need to * * *. This is a marketing strategy, let users remember your website strategy.

website users, access to resources is the key to

no matter what the website must have a user, if users are not even a website development don’t say even the basic survival do not, why so many webmaster have the technology is not profitable, this is because the site without the user and the user, where it comes from. The user is from the positioning of the site to a web site, if you do the test class website, your website what can let users leave, what can let users love, these all need the webmaster friends on the site location. The author suggests that no matter what type of website must take the resource amplification, let more friends quickly to the resource.

site once set up development can promote the website, and a rational and orderly site positioning is? The author in 13 years have also established several websites, from the development status of the positioning of the website website also has some own views, hope that these insights can help to webmaster friends.

positioning website core power, make the rapid development of


a website with the user, the conversion rate can be said to a good development, but also the development of a process, but this time there must be a core power to support the development of the website. I began to enter the Internet from 10 years, I still do not understand what all the kids, but I give myself a position within two years of each month to earn 2000 yuan of the core goal, this goal is let me have a core power, I now set up 5 websites, there have been three a website in Shanghai love home, although the monthly income and.

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