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Hello, I am the future. I got a sewage website optimization of the need to do list two months ago, customers only need to do a keyword ranking (sewage pump). I search for the "water pump" information in the search engine search results at that time, about four million of the amount of information, so you can judge this keyword optimization difficulty is moderate. Because they have no time to ask, if I do love the Shanghai home of the task can be completed.

too much will be search engine that is a kind of cheating, but too much is cheating, the worst case would be punished by search engine. Generally a page keyword density is controlled at 5%-8%, too much backlash. Now I have the keywords sewage network reduction from the original 6 to now 3, now closed.

first I thought this one optimization keyword is easy, but after a period of optimization work down, find out it is not my imagination so simple. For a month in the optimization work, is ranked by the original more than 100 who rose to the top twenty. But in the top twenty, I do optimization work, the words "water pump" ranking always can not enter the Shanghai home of love.

in the face of this problem I think to keep a common heart is the most important, from the most basic to start not to care about short-term changes in ranking, must adhere to in the end victory. Summing up the experience of failure, but also a combination of some of the experience of predecessors, I re planning the optimization work, the specific measures are as follows.

event in June 28th Shanghai love a wide range of K station, this site has also been affected, although not in Shanghai love home, but fortunately the words "water pump" is still ranked. In order to complete the task, I must find out the reason to stop the optimization. First of all, the background to find out the reasons I enter the sewage network, found the technology literature website contains dozens of information acquisition. Delete these collected articles, I start every day for the site to upload five relevant articles about the pseudo original sewage industry. In addition, I also found some good peer exchange website Links. Every day also increased the number of the chain, from the original day thirty to fifty. In my efforts, "water pump" ranking was to advance to the thirteen. I was delighted, because from my goal of getting closer.

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but good times don’t last long things that would upset me, again. Half a month ago I found the "water pump" ranking is not normal, a few days because I didn’t do something on the optimization to the morning of August 19th, with the webmaster tools query, found its ranking actually dropped to 31, as shown below. In the evening I use Adsense tools inquires out its ranking rise again to 17, as shown below.

: first remove excessive keyword

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