How to do web site optimization in the station of the writing is clear

based on the characteristics of the industry analysis industry development (attention to developments in the industry, the recent changes in characteristics and so on);


first, determine the theme of writing. We are in the form of case sharing. The author is the enterprise website optimization, with his own enterprise class writing as a starting point, in general our enterprises in the process of writing there are two aspects of things can go to writing, one is the enterprise’s own events is the enterprise news, this kind of article is better than writing, is the main narrative the company recently happened to come out, do not need much technical content, and the other is we are very concerned about the products before writing articles, we have to analyze the theme, based on the theme of Shanghai through love related search or cnzz statistical analysis of user search keywords, determine the title of the article before writing the title of the article from the analysis of user search behavior and mind, not only to cover the topic keywords, we must consider whether the quality of traffic And the best transformation, the layout of which the long tail word clever.


: a focus on enterprise or what is happening (such as the company’s new product development, the company and the external exchanges and cooperation, the company’s channel development, enterprise status etc.);

finally, writing their own ideas with the idea of finishing.

second, through the enterprise news and their products for understanding for writing material. Determine the theme of writing we should content the collection of material according to the definition of the theme, writing material very much but the author summed up the following is very practical, can help us some ideas quickly cut into the topic:

second, keyword analysis and writing material collected on the basis of the theme.

first, to determine a good theme.

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before I share with you the article has been the construction of the chain to improve the user experience of the site, high weight site structure, quality of the details until to elaborate, on station writing things haven’t been carefully described, and today I share with you my website in the optimization process how is the original article writing station, well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip topic, how to do site optimization in the station of the writing is clear.

I think we were writing before, there must be a theme and idea, like must describe the framework of a site in the heart before the construction site, the frame is displayed through the draft paper, although the site has not completed, but we’ve got a very clear website template, this template is the website prototype similarly, writing is a truth, we must first have an idea of writing in the heart, for this idea in search of related material, last modified, high quality articles also came into being, well, we must understand the analysis, what is the writing of the article outline

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