How to do web site optimization analysis how to meet the needs of users

1, the use of question type statement

love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, we should be aware that love Shanghai more and more emphasis on the importance of user experience, we do website optimization cannot continue to use those techniques to use search engines, to understand the needs of users and as far as possible to meet the site, let users love, to get the search engine’s favorite. The electronic commerce learning network (贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝/),

In recent years

3, set up the essence of content recommendation

anchor text links at once is the best weapon optimization target keywords, but with the continuous blow love Shanghai, anchor text links are no longer suitable for used to optimize keywords, but it still can not be ignored, use the anchor text to facilitate users to browse our website content is the real king, although the anchor text of the website ranking is useless, but it has played a leading role and to facilitate users to browse, greatly improves user stickiness of a website, also reached the purpose of what we do in the station optimization.

Accelerating the pace of life in the

station optimization and stood outside optimization are the two optimization direction of site optimization, is particularly important in the station optimization user experience is king of the times. The station optimization problem or blind optimization, resulting in a poor user experience website ranking drop phenomenon. Therefore, the station optimization ideas must be clear and long-term, but not blindly optimization. The highest level to the needs of users to be satisfied is in the station optimization, so what can we do to meet the needs of users of

2, set the anchor text links for easy browsing

many users search and access to the site, its ultimate aim is to solve the question in my mind, in order to effectively attract users to browse the site using only the statement as the title of the article is not enough, because the user can not be good to find their needs and questions. So, learn to use appropriate questioning type statement as the title of the article to attract users is a good choice. After the move of repeated practice and data analysis in the author, found that the click rate has increased and more obvious, the webmaster is worth a try.

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era, users are eager to meet your needs, but the magnitude of a website is very big, we only have the essence of the article is presented to the user, as far as possible to retain users, allowing users to have enough patience to browse our website, so as the site selected daily, weekly, monthly hot priority show is very important.

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