Love Shanghai ranked why artificial interference

small station last year there had been a situation when I put a key when doing fast on the first page, suddenly overnight back to before liberation, then Xiaobian began to think that excessive optimization problems, so appropriate to reduce, so after a few months later, when they finally ranked up, it fell, then Xiaobian neither with the black cat, remain perplexed despite much thought, the content of the quality is not bad, artificial traces of optimization is less, the server did not question why? After third times, Xiao Bian finally understand that the original is that the Baidu cheating ghosts.

many people say no problem ah, but if you click, you will find the promotion website, ten out of nine are single page site, and the natural ranking are:

, a commercial website

love Shanghai ranking is the artificial interference, I believe that many webmaster have discussed the question of what will be? There was a technical staff love Shanghai the previous statement, love Shanghai to ranking for man-made interference exists, then this is the true love of Shanghai or his personal malice as this? We do not know, but we can be sure of is that if there is love Shanghai’s artificial interference really, we will see.


The following figure:

Research Center, I believe many of my friends have heard of this, Shanghai Longfeng research institutions mainly Shanghai dragon training, and has done 5 years, can be said to be a very authoritative body of A. If you look at the Shanghai dragon Research Center website, you will find a problem, is this forum in early September was down the right love Shanghai. Some people say that the site does not do well, I can only say P, do not believe you look! Some people say the reason is because this forum revision, revision does lead to drop right, but if you go into the fine to know it, you will find that the lower right and general reduction Shanghai Longfeng Research Center is a little different.

In figure

Shanghai dragon


we can see, Shanghai Longfeng Research Center has been down the right site, the main keyword is basically down to one hundred and eight thousand miles away, but the strange thing is, Shanghai dragon research center the word out, why the word research center are still the first? Let us look at other Shanghai Longfeng research center the word, all with the Shanghai dragon all fall out, this is a very unreasonable phenomenon.

since then, Xiao Bian found that many users also have this kind of situation, so the more sure love Shanghai artificial interference in. Later, after Xiao Bian concluded that these artificial interference station we have several similarities.

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