The search engine is not destroyed but to create

plane?Reason four,

five, social reason can only increase, not backward. This can also and social relation? Certainly is a relationship, the society has been in progress, so people thought is also in progress and keep with the progress of society, thought not backward, there will be only new things and ideas, and thought "

, a reason to let faster flow of information. Now is an era of information transmission, the development of anything cannot do without information, this is the charm of the Internet, and it all cannot do without the search engine, provides the information flow entrance search engine, so that more information on the Internet, allowing users to use more conveniently. Can not say that the search engine exists, how can know the latest domestic and foreign information, knowledge and technology? It is because of their convenience, the exchange of ideas between users on the Internet between.

knowledge without borders. There is a search engine to let us know what is called knowledge without borders, it is because of the existence of the search engine, in order to let various countries scholars can learn foreign knowledge, which is the source of creation, so the search engine is not to destroy, but to create.


reported that Google is killed in a generation of creativity, I don’t think so. Indeed, when people in the future depend on search engine is more and more strong, people’s life, work and thought will be the search engine, but it is precisely because the search engine is convenient, can make us more creative, no search engine entrance, where is our source of knowledge, thinking of the source? The search engine is a rich and colorful world, it is because of their entrance to the user a thinking, allowing users to have more time to think about the problem and direction, there will be all kinds of things are created, especially the development of the internet. How is development of several site without the effect of search engine

Reason two,

, let more open-minded reason three. No one can imagine a thing like a powerful and unconstrained style, or chance to see something, one thing and so on, these are likely to become the raw materials we have created, but first we have to contact these things. The search engine to the possibility of our contact, only to contact a broader sky, can think of more things, not seen, how will create a thing out? Even the plane this term have not heard of it, and how to build the

search engine is the "convenience store". Why the search engine is the "convenience store"? When we want to create a thing, need resources, needed resources, clearly what the line we can not meet, because search engines gave us these required information. Some things look now created, many things are due to the convenience of the search engine, can be created, this is not the destruction of people’s minds, and it is precisely this kind of "convenience store" in the form so that we can create can be realized.

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