Website optimization start you ready from the dull as ditch water

maybe a lot of people mention website optimization, feel is a very esoteric and technical work, the envy of those who do all day in front of the computer, as long as the light hitting the keyboard can easily make money Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, but that is not the case, not people see the website optimization after the success of the glory. Every website optimization Shanghai dragon who is after thoroughly tempered can be successful, especially to repeat the work site in the early to endure every day dull as ditch water. Wait until after the website ranking up to allow you a little breath, will have to continue to fuel, if you want to join the ranks of the website optimization, if you want to make your site more successful, make a good webmaster, do you have to do is do website optimization from simple and plain dull as ditch water, start, are you ready? Here is my website optimization work experience simple for everyone to share.

do website optimization for so long, in the face of those optimized website, heartfelt sigh website optimization is really not so simple. Every day we have to face those boring website data, see the website ranking, and then make optimization, repeated every day to do a website mechanical content, keywords and outside the chain, but inadvertently change the search engine algorithm, web site again fall into the abyss, one after another hit, not only from the new. This is the website of each Shanghai dragon are dealing with life. Website optimization is repeated from simple and dull as ditch water start, website optimization, are you ready?

2. for the content of the website, but also must pay attention to the original. Website optimization we need is the daily web content is constantly being love Shanghai crawl, but how to do it. We need these daily website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, constantly update website >

1. on the website title and keywords, long tail keywords selection description. Every website optimization the first thing to do is to understand your face is a what kind of website, this website you face what are the advantages and disadvantages, and to optimize the key is what. This requires us to think seriously about our website research. Clear the purpose and core of the website, and then choose the suitable keywords. And the choice of keywords is not so casual and simple. A suitable keywords will be beneficial to our optimization, otherwise an inappropriate keywords will for our optimization a useless thing. At this time we need to optimize these sites, calm down, careful selection, then to check the data for comparison, until a suitable words surfaced, this is a very boring but also very challenging work. Keywords options, we need to do the appropriate website title and keywords of the layout, but also easy to find some long tail keywords, to facilitate future optimization. Finally, the next job is to constantly website keywords, keywords ranking up until. This is actually a very tasteless but challenging, this is just a beginning of the website optimization.

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