Three solutions love Shanghai keywords ranking stagnant

two, in the station layout according to the user concerned content layout.

you have not encountered such a situation: through a variety of means to optimize the keywords ranking do love Shanghai home, but no matter how hard they could not go to the top three, or up or down stability soon? Many people are scratching their heads, I optimization method are very normal, no cheating, has not made the revision, this is why? The most fundamental reason is that users of keywords and potential demand.

so, how to solve this problem? How to make our website for little rankings? Here is from three aspects to analyze:

started from the site title, you choose the keywords of interest to users, and let the search engine that is related to the content of the matching words. Then the contents of the layout, general web site layout is common: company information, product introduction, product pictures and contact information, is a complete failure of advertising products. The layout of the page to consider the influence of keywords, relevance, user experience, matching, are web content to highlight, in order to attract users to click and retain users. Because the user is trying to solve a problem, the website but only about their products, advertising, this will only.

user needs change, keyword search page will change. A search for the same keyword will have different needs, such as keywords my website is "jewelry showcase", to search the word, may be direct customer want to do jewelry store decoration, there may be a peer in search of relevant information, there will be other users demand. There is a situation where the keyword now extends to more related products or services, the original is outdated or can not meet the needs of users.

so, to the scientific analysis of the needs of key words. Then, the statistical changes you need to do keyword search, natural ranking of the first page of the website data. Old users generally have loyalty, will directly enter; new users will find suitable for the needs of their own website, so according to the needs of the keywords to change to make adjustments, adding new users click, in order to obtain the trust of the search engine, to long-term stability keywords ranking.

, understand the change of the potential demand for keywords.

each time, the user needs to search for a keyword is not the same, from the relevant search love Shanghai it is easy to see, these related search terms are constantly changing. Most of the time, we were three months of Shanghai dragon Optimization Website, can get a good ranking, but after such a long period of time, we had chosen keywords can not fully adapt to the current needs of this keyword, our website original layout can not fully meet the needs of existing users. So, to reduce the amount of clicks, the bounce rate increase, this is our website ranking can not move, or cause ranking drop.

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