Discussion on several methods to make a web site search engine friendly

know the search engine for the original content of the love degree is very high, and a web site in the search.

two, a good user experience

webmaster want to site in the search engine’s sitting in a friendly place, many optimization promotion purpose is to tell the search engine, my website is a regular content value, to a good user experience. But the search engine to others offer up wouldn’t special treatment. Like other people give gifts to myself, personally sent home often do not know how to cherish, only after trouble before you know regret. What is so for a certain position in the website in search engine and friendly attitude? Today I mainly share several related:

original quality content

, a powerful and reasonable chain

strong and reasonable in the role of the chain chain. This is the author summarizes the experience of it. Within the chain and any super successful site has very reasonable. Good at using reasonable inside chain can make the spider often stay on the website, this is the legend of the spider feeding. When spider stays for a long time will be much more content on the website of the natural index. The spider on the site also included worry about not going. In chain please search engine examples of the most powerful is love Shanghai encyclopedia, the role of the chain in the play to the extreme, the number of cases and does not affect the site itself, seemingly confusing is actually very clear. So in the chain for spiders crawl when, can reduce the spider disorderly bump and waste of time, you can improve the user experience. Of course, to the website is the chain in an unusual thing, because it will not bring negative effect to the website. And within the chain with reasonable method to please the search engine is also very effective.

search engine is more and more attention to the user experience. As the author of an article the other day share "examples to explain Google learning methods to improve the user experience" can be seen in the search engine for the degree of attention of the user experience. So let the website please search led Zhi, the nature will accept and ukraine. As for girls, to love her love to more easily get closer. By improving the user experience of the website, the website can be very good to the search engine more friendly, ranking weights are corresponding later to. What kind of user experience is good, I will simply say, is the site of the PV value, because the search engine is a program, don’t do intelligence, flow and PV natural part of the largest reference standard is the site of the value, the higher the PV value of natural user experience to a certain extent also pretty good, of course, this is just a personal understanding of the author. But the PV value is the most simple user experience reference factor, the reason also please tell me what you own analysis. The use of user experience to please search led Zhi is the most direct and effective method of the long-term.


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