Do the three aspects of new fast through the transition period do not have to worry about

for a web site we need to conduct regular and high quality content, and for a new station which is very important. If you do this is directly related to your website through a period of probation period. I have two sites, a key out to do optimization, another is to hang up, do you want to do some tests, so updates are disorder, also is to copy or collection content, at the beginning of the test of the website weight is relatively high, the ranking is also quite good, but as time goes on, because my station collection content too much, even links have not changed and was in love with the sea K off the home page, and a station also is not the same, I take the time to be updated every day, even the chain didn’t spend much effort, but in half a month when the website snapshot every day overnight, and send a few a few articles, basically 10 minutes can be included. Then I analyzed my site included fast reasons: A, high quality pseudo original. B, timing quantitative update. C, high weight site PR4. High quality pseudo original station in which the largest proportion. I’ve been very focused on high quality content, especially for the construction of the long tail rather love, this time with the two station test, a quality, a quantity or quality, really.

1, high quality pseudo original

2, the high weight of the chain

Our new

for the chain, do a lot of tests before me, I found that the chain is not much, but in essence, the high quality of the chain can make our website ranking rise rapidly, and the low quality of the chain of garbage can make people more useless empty joy. I have a friend, his website ranking is pretty good, the chain and content are very hard, but a few words on page second has not improved, I looked outside the chain of his love Shanghai very much, almost about 30000, it is a strange look at why he so much love in Shanghai the chain was ranked.

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. In front of me to introduce something about the new fast included the "to do three days a new station on the line included not difficult", at the end of the time mentioned after I will introduce something about new sites to quickly through the transition problem, I am a trustworthy person, said I’ll try my best to realize it, today I want to talk about yourself for new fast through little experience in the transition period, may have been the old knowledge for some friends, but is indeed something very useful.

most exasperating is included the home page for a long time will continue in a page, and not to increase included, some new friends will ask why so long time not included, or that your site is down right, in fact, this idea is wrong. Now I will introduce myself to the website quickly through the transition period needs three aspects to do.

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