Analysis of website construction and the role of internal links

above is probably the definition of internal links, but to say how many people can understand? Can truly understand the internal link establishment and function of

I will put my personal opinion for everyone to talk about:

maybe a lot of people think I’m up, we think the site navigation basically contained in each page if he belongs to the internal links if we need to build the chain? Someone will ask, we do the ultimate link to the page content! It also has a certain truth

some people will ask what is the use of internal links? Can increase the weight of the website

in website internal link optimization in the process of you not to the front page of the site with the core keywords direct links, personally think that this little significance to the keywords ranking, internal optimization we do is unique good content relevance and content. The only relevant content through specific anchor text (both keywords) together to complete transfer site within the page, to build a successful internal links



refers to the internal links between the same site content page link to each other. Such as the channel and column, ultimate content page links and keywords Tag links between stations can be classified as internal links, so the internal links we can also called Sitelinks, optimization of the internal links is actually on the website of the internal links optimization.


I think many people will certainly belong to the internal links that connect to the navigation channel page, column page and ultimate content page and any page of the entire site navigation section contains the website, to search engine spiders successfully climbed to the web site’s home page, channel and column page! But I want to tell you something we cannot say navigation and internal links belong to a site here. And he for keywords ranking does not mean much

! ?

here I want to ask you the site navigation, is a part of the internal links? Has a certain effect on the

keyword ranking? ? !

I think, the website of the internal links is to transfer the site within a page weight. "

site navigation is a simple introduction to the architecture of the website; channel is the basis of the search engine spiders crawl page smoothly! For every page he is not unique, so is not caused by judge unique content search help. The essence of the content area and internal links should be built on the site of the real. Of course, the substance substance of regional regional areas, including the substance column channel and ultimate content page. The search engine to determine what type of website according to the essence of the content area of the site! And we need to extract the relevant keywords of the anchor text link according to the specific content of the website content area, pointing to the relevant channel and column page and content; to form the internal site voting

I personally think that the first

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