Analysis of the keywords Zhengzhou website construction difficulty

, a search keyword


home page and the second page is many words that the word of the competition program is very strong, and if the first ten pages are still the top-level domain, the word that everyone is very concerned about, but this time basically can determine the key difficulty, if the difficulty of system is that 100 words, so the word Zhengzhou website construction difficulty of the system in 60-70. Is a difficult word! Top-level domain numbers: A grade (below 10), B (10 – 30), C (30 – 60), D (60 – 100), E (more than 100). From this point of view, the word Zhengzhou website construction should belong to the highest level of E.

three, Shanghai

in the 30-100 million neutral words

two, and a second page home pageThe number of top-level domain

in the 100-300 million medium term

in the 300-500 million middle term

index of love

read a lot of articles in many web site optimization above, are generally theoretical knowledge, and no examples to show a more intuitive learning, therefore, the author through the optimization of their own experience to share my personal analysis process of key words. We take the "Zhengzhou website construction" the word analysis of the keywords Zhengzhou website construction difficulty analysis, to proceed from the following.

Strength of

display above 2330000233 million, this is difficult to optimize keywords neutral words. This is the first to look at the data. For this love Shanghai search volume and the difficulty of optimization can also use a table to say, we look at

is less than 300 thousand of the difficulty is

more than 5 million competitive

this is more general, no tangible picture can be observed, only the abstract analysis of rival site of the original, the quality of a rival Web links, then the web site overall layout and user experience.


The number of top-level domain name

four, competitors.

in the early site can copy the word Zhengzhou website construction in the website optimization home page, through the love of Shanghai command "www.***.cn" to analyze the chain where the opponent, by site:www.zztianshi>

The search volume

love Shanghai index is about 200, the keyword index actually is not high, but fluctuated greatly, so in this regard, the word ranking is not stable.

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