Shanghai dragon website website ranking method to solve the wandering


(1) to write original articles on the home page and exposed the keywords, and increase the density of keywords in the home. If the site is down right before the treatment, then you can before due to some negative changes caused by excessive optimization. Keywords such as station anchor link individual too much, you can put one or two anchor text keywords can be in an article. Because the article may have been included, but we cannot.

lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in the optimization at the beginning, is the first to do some difficult words, that is to say a certain keyword index, we have special care on the site layout, in writing, we also mentioned that the index of keywords in a lot of time, in the chain also, based on these keywords, release the soft is the same, but often we ignore those index keywords, many times, we believe that this is not the keyword index, search for people not much, it can be placed directly on the home page of the. In fact, there are a lot of keywords without search index, the heat is very high. For example, Losangeles travel this word, no index, but the competition website is very much. You will love this word row to Shanghai home, it is need to do is learn kung fu. When the other keywords are ranked on the home page, then we should be optimized from the following aspects of the key words.

many of my friends have encountered, a website keywords has always ranked in one position, no matter how hard you try to do, but the keywords ranking did not improve. This for us is a tragedy. Many keywords are up, only this one, not the site weight is not enough, not enough outside the chain, what is the reason? Sometimes, perhaps the word no index, and some index rankings have very good rankings, a lot of people do not feel the solution. In fact, I also understand, so I try to make some analysis on the website from the following aspects.


had a period of Shanghai Longfeng personnel may have challenged it, in addition to this industry, you need to have a Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology and analysis ability, but also need strong executive power, executive power, is a Shanghai Longfeng optimization problem, and the key to solve the problem. A site is K or ranking lingers, you need to come up with the courage and perseverance of their own, change or change your way of website optimization Shanghai dragon. When your website is K, is to see if you have no courage to abandon your original website of all technology, re positioning of the website to use new technology, new optimization. Perhaps this for a long time can not be ranked ahead of the website, also have some help.

first, no index keywords this website ignored

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