Pinterest type of website how to do in the station optimization

pinterest in the United States since the rise of the Internet, look at the China, overnight by the waterfall flow occupied, but we also know that waterfall flow almost all pictures, but also wireless drop model, this model is actually accounted for a large amount of information, but to the search engine is friendly the recent research on several large pinterest website, also added some of his own views, to talk about this kind of website how to do the work of the Shanghai dragon.

page classification, such as the classification of the current page travel photography. Then, the three elements of the set is on the homepage of the strategy, put all the content change and travel photography can be related, the details can refer to the web page set rules.

title:*** profile

Description: because the Sketchpad is cannot automatically generate description, and so many users, you could not help everyone to manually set, so personal homepage description can take the first board.

Keywords: the choice of keywords, usually is the theme of the site, such as your site is partial dress, you can set some of these keywords, the same, you can also love Shanghai index (index.baidu贵族宝贝) found women’s related hot search words, are set to the corresponding keywords.

general, pinterest sites are divided into five parts, the website home page, page classification, personal homepage, personal pages and pages with sketchpad. The following are from the five parts to explain how to do site optimization.

Title: about title, if you want to make a more formal official station, do not recommend adding too many keywords, only need a website name + one sentence description can be, you know, a formal official website if so many keywords will be despised; of course, if want to do a flow station, then you can add a few keywords to web content.

personal homepage, which is a collection of all personal page acquisition board. This page is a page full of personal characteristics.

Keywords: individuals to create all the board name

3, personal homepage

navigation bar

Website Optimization: title, keywords, description, and

In fact, there are several

1, web page

2, page

Description: a description based on embedded in the main keyword, write a description of your site with the most. Words can be controlled in 80-100.

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