Slimming website love Shanghai ranked first in the optimization analysis

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization third points: the importance of draw text

The advantages of In the

in front of the site is for the promotion and the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, so we have to analyze the site actually can say love is ranked in the first site in Shanghai.

model: single page can guarantee the keywords weight loss drug density in a single page of the following article update mechanism, can tell the search engines in the home page is changed, and can make the search engine included in the page article, and when the search engine included the inside pages, indirect increase the site of the long tail keywords, also aided overall weight of the site.

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon second optimization: single page + update mechanism

of course there are some other optimization factors, so most than station Links are related to build their own strong site, distribution and chain of long tail keywords are worthy of our study.

not only for the love of Shanghai text is very important, is also important for Google, outside the chain or chain is a text description, navigation or site navigation is the main text, the text is not only a description of the weight. So in this case on the site, we can see the description of text distribution is as follows:

we open this website can be found, slimming keyword is very appropriate in the density of the home page, the query tool is as follows:

home page text distribution:

source: 贵族宝贝debughack贵族宝贝/index.php/archives/170

we are through the site optimization to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai focus on what optimization factors analysis, single page can guarantee a good density of diet pills this keyword in the home. The update mechanism can at any time for the home page to add new content, so that the search engine that is in a continuously updated website, this website can attract search engine to the timing of the website page and keep the home page ranking, and to let the search engine to the page by page updates, which included in the the page provides a channel.

In fact,

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization first point: proper keyword density

page text distribution:

diet pills this keyword is a popular keyword is a very competitive keywords, how to get the weight loss drug keyword row to Shanghai first love? Diet pills at site of love Shanghai ranked first in the US, when we search the keywords weight loss drug, ranked as follows:

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