Several repeated and solving method of website content

two, duplicate content

6, website content with pictures, text and pictures are very few, many share one URL address, so that the spiders in the index it is difficult to guarantee not to be repeated by.

4, did not set the 404 error page when we delete a page, must use the 404 status code to give users and spiders some tips, if the code is set incorrectly, then delete the page is imaginary in the spider there, as a result it has included.

5, dynamic pages and static coexist, love Shanghai climbing directory included a large number of dynamic pages

for the website content for the acquisition or simple pseudo original website, 001 suggestions enterprises win the increase of the original article content, Ning Shanghai cute contains less, do not let love.

love Shanghai

2, from the removal of a paragraph, in the love of Shanghai search, the emergence of a large number of the scarlet letter, showed high degree of

2, website content for the collection, this website will be repeated as the acquisition station directly by the Shanghai sea love away, love the new algorithm is Scindapsus dedicated to combating the collection site.

4, use page similarity detection tool to judge the similarity of some neighboring pages, more than 80% similarity we need to deal with some of the fixed column.

3, station search, can find repeated contents.

1, original content increased

repeat of this article

website content, is one of the main reasons to love Shanghai K station, but there are also some people do not know what the situation is the content of the website, do not know how to solve the problem of duplicate content website. The author thinks that the website content repetition not only refers to the site itself has two or more articles like this, also includes many aspects, this paper focuses on several common situations are introduced, there are deficiencies that welcome.

1, to detect whether an article repeat content, the title of the article title:+ can find the same article.

three, how to eliminate duplicate content

detection method of

3 of the website, fixed pages appear too many times, many website right always put some fixed section or columns, these columns are never content updates, or on the right side of each page is before the content, it will cause a high degree of repeat page.


, a web content repeat:

1, the same article appeared in a number of URL, even if this article belongs to the original, will be punished

repeat content refers to different URL link content is the same, also included multiple duplicate pages, setting multiple pages are introduced, but the general content of the web page is the same, this approach is wrong.

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