Shanghai dragon is still the most important way to get traffic

site of the Shanghai dragon plan

how to operate the Shanghai dragon


search engine is the user’s entrance, even if the user every day on sina贵族宝贝.cn, but his habits may be the first to love Shanghai and the search engine "Sina" or "sina贵族宝贝.cn" into sina贵族宝贝.cn reading, so the user is dependent on the love of Shanghai. The use of search engines, there are three kinds of demand, one is the navigation needs, such as just said Sina search into a sina贵族宝贝.cn, is the information needs of a transaction demand. These needs are derived from a large number of keywords, the keywords ranking, has become a source of traffic for many websites.



actually, Shanghai dragon is very simple, but is lack of patience and scientific process, as long as the practice in accordance with this practice, which is the best way to experience Shanghai Longfeng knowledge.


everyone says Shanghai dragon is an extension, in fact, Shanghai dragon is more like a mode of cooperation, is a web site and search engine, web site to provide the required content search engine, search engines use the content index for users to provide traffic to your site main belt. So the search engine for website traffic is not as unalterable principles, so that the garbage station was K is a kind of inevitable result, I admit, circle are garbage station and station group of black hat Shanghai dragon master, I also agree whether black or white, can catch mice are good cat. But my mind is still thinking to brand first, brand establishment, doing fine content, and search engine cooperation, build site traffic, good service.

passenger and Shanghai Longfeng, a site owner’s cash flow, is a source of mainstream website content, so Shanghai dragon + Taobao guest is currently a lot of stationmaster most direct mode. Although social has challenged the search engine, but also can replace the social search engine has become the main entrance flow, it can be said that, in contrast, the search engine is still the most important, the most simple, the most stable way to get traffic.

a website launched from did not have a Shanghai Longfeng planning, such as you do a industry site, so we should start at the beginning of the research, look at this industry user’s search engine and search engine usage habits, then choose a web application, page planning and keywords task allocation, quality source and content, is the site outside the chain construction, planning and other content in the chain after a large number of.

correct understanding of Shanghai dragon

is a purely to get traffic to the most common Taobao customer site is of course API and single page, the former almost does not have its own unique content, the content of the latter quality is low, and the user.

Why choose Shanghai dragon

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