How to make a web user experience with the zero distance

said Shanghai Longfeng inevitable will think of optimization, but the meaning of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is quite extensive, including website construction, website operation, website promotion, including details of all areas of consideration. Many people will take Shanghai dragon as technical problems, but personally feel that the details of the problem is more important.

a website is the need to grow a lot of time and resources, but if we can optimize the Dragon Shanghai action from the complexity into simple words, you can save a lot of time and resources. For example, the optimization of the website, we can divide it into a station outside the station optimization and optimization, simple optimization is to optimize the user experience and website search engine. But in this small series to share with you is the website user experience optimization principle.

proper site navigation is a beacon of web users. Mode > website contains a

stable server is the fundamental website development. A house to stand, the first thing to consider is whether the firm foundation. Similarly, the website to thrive must have a stable server support. If we say the web server is not stable, the site often isn’t open, even if the content of the website is again rich, users have lost patience with the. If under the premise of ensuring high quality content, and then improve the stability of the server, so the website users will gradually expanded.

is a reasonable structure of the site to ensure that the development of the website. Some owners will have the wrong idea, that the more the better website function. This is not the decision, the key is to look at the strength and financial resources of individuals, and the needs of users and groups. If the user did not use this function, even if you do well, it is just a decoration. In addition, the web page settings should be simple and attractive, highlight the theme, give users a good first impression. Not too much landscaping, don’t be too rough.

more and more people are involved in the Shanghai dragon, the competition is more and more big, so the network of Shanghai dragon tutorial also emerge in an endless stream. Such as how to optimize the site, how to improve the keywords ranking, how to get the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor…… Knowledge network course taught many complicated some of its mystery, the esoteric, it is very difficult for learners. In fact, the so-called technology are found out from the details, if we can do well in detail, then to develop a successful web site is not difficult.

high quality content is the premise of survival website. The content of the website content, readability and value is a prerequisite for user experience optimization, the fundamental purpose is to browse the website this website can bring what they. So, after optimization, we should start from this point, starting from the needs of users, actually will be the site of the building to become conducive to the user experience of the website. Only in this way can we will slowly become users of our website "loyal fans".

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