The new era of Shanghai Dragon Shanghai dragon Er you still have to make the nternet garbage

many webmaster friends by this algorithm to update the many scared silly, don’t know what to do. You don’t need to be so worried, you calm down and think about it, a site to get good rankings, the content and the chain is essential, of course, except for some special sites. So how do we do outside the chain? It is necessary to follow the footsteps of love Shanghai, do the high quality the chain, put an end to the chain of garbage. The high quality of the chain mainly includes correlation Links, soft article submissions, classified information, B2B shop, there are some websites and related external links, such as forum posts, blogs etc.. Other temporarily not found.

you know, Q> recently updated

so, webmaster friends, do not waste the chain, the chain of garbage is gone. Then do the chain of garbage is only making the Internet garbage information, let love Shanghai on your site to doubt, or even do drop right processing. Adhere to the high quality of the chain, it may be difficult, but as long as you can hold on, that day will be.

is not difficult for us to love from Shanghai’s recent algorithm can be seen against the keyword accumulation, acquisition, hyperlink, cheating links too much garbage outside the chain, sales, advertising, plus the original spark program, all around is the core of the user experience. Some others are okay, the chain and the site now has become a major difficulty, especially for those of us small webmaster. This article is not to say, try to be original, have no time or expertise can be pseudo original, rather than directly copied well. And we explore the key chain how to do.

many users cannot find information in Shanghai, and even find some fraud and false information, and love Shanghai several times by CCTV exposure. Because of the pressures in the sea in June 22, 2012 was a major adjustment, many webmaster was killed in a dream. In 2012 August, 360 search engines come out, and quickly seize the market, go to leap second place. The love of Shanghai feel a serious sense of crisis, so the ranking can be said to be continuously adjusted, a variety of events, various algorithms have been introduced to many webmaster cornered.

03 years or so, due to the love of Shanghai has just set up soon, the lack of information online, as long as you can build a website can get rankings, get good returns, but there was no CMS, most of the sites are single page manually added, now there are many websites to keep the original style. With the passage of time, more and more people join the ranks of the individual owners, because of the increasingly fierce competition, Shanghai dragon gradually by more and more people use. Some people in order to obtain the ranking, began issuing large amounts of information, only for ranking, almost no what readability, not to mention the value. Some people also to faster start cheating, take black means. Then, the search engine appeared in spam, a repetitive content.

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