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was punished site, grab will not slow down

so in the final analysis, search engines, including Google, love Shanghai, punishment is not the purpose of the website, the purpose is to search results in a higher quality information is displayed, and then give it to the user in order to guide and supervise the site to create a better user experience of the site, absolutely not to destroy. The search engine algorithm, update on the website of the punishment is in addition also do subtraction, and is of high quality pages, is reducing the waste of information.


said so, but there are still many websites being punished after grasping reduction, I think the website problems have a little big, punish a light weight, but also have some order of priority recovery are of good quality, the content of the website, just some small problems to be punished, this recovery is certainly more important, and some sites are one after another punishment, content quality is very poor, and even some Google focus on the fight against pornography information, the nature of the priority, grab almost, because you also need more time to correct.

also said that Google was not because the site being punished without grasping or not how to crawl, the site being punished not to death, Google did not give up this website, instead of Google need to grab these sites to determine whether these sites have been prepared in accordance with the requirements, only punishment is certainly not without a recovery. The search engine is to rebirth is the transformation is better, not killing, not suppress.

website and search engine is the mutual benefit of


site was punished is a very troublesome thing, because the site is often accompanied by a reduction in the amount of penalty index, keywords ranking drop, flow reduction, their results cast to the wind no one wants to see. Many people think that the search engine punishment is equivalent to being labeled "junk" label, is firmly caught, will not turn the body, the search engine will not very good grasp of this website, the fact that

site frequency punished Google crawl less or more slowly? Google responded, usually on a penalized site, grab will not slow down. Because the site was a algorithm of punishment, need to wait for Google to crawl the site, change extraction on the site, and then continue to perform this algorithm. That is to say, if your website is punished, you need to modify your website is wrong, so when Google crawl and extraction time of these changes, it will continue to re run the algorithm. If the site this time everything is good, your site will be out of the normal punishment.

website is search engine punishment, as long as you are careful to correct, the search engine is also very willing to accept you, allowing you to supply high quality content, because the website and search engine is mutually beneficial, all taken from each, you need it platform, it needs your content. The search engine is equivalent to a large UGC platform, each site in the supply of new Everfount >

Although Google

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