The details of the virtual host website optimization

today in an interview when Xu met a Shanghai Longfeng novice, why? Because I also come from novice, novice dedication also appreciate a lot of time, questions in the course of my deepest impression is that he always think I can optimize up, I have high quality content and the link can do, he is not wrong, the novice often in the forum or website to learn some articles will be very blind pursuit of which point of view, and not to consider one of the problems, it is normal for novice in the absence of good practice before it can not consider the effects of the method, and for the keywords competition the fierce, do detail is also very important in the optimization of a number of small novice will be pleased with oneself not knowing the opponent, the sites are not optimization, you also go only occasionally However, because the row is not competitive in the home station, in the user search keywords, the search engine will give users presents some results rather than a blank page, that is to say in the competition under the condition of small not optimized website will also come to the front row. Carrier virtual host of this site is often overlooked, in fact, a lot of optimization work do better because if the host is not stable due to the right down is really The loss outweighs the gain. below to introduce website optimization, virtual host selection in detail:

third: try to choose to have the Shanghai Longfeng function panel of the host, I have seen the most humble virtual host is given a FTP gone, many functions can not be achieved, now generally large host and a control panel is strong, the most typical is the domain name of the 301 permanent redirection, the realization of the 301 methods have a lot the panel is directly set up by the most suitable for beginners. There is a pseudo static function, although the search engine can identify dynamic pages, but after all we do is try to choose the static optimization of course.

second: select the appropriate size of the virtual host products, that is to say according to their size and flow requirements to determine the needs of virtual host what, if a Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station ordinary virtual host can cope with, and to do some flow station was not enough, we watch the virtual hosting parameters such as IIS the number of connections, site traffic restrictions, the use efficiency of CPU, when the super resource website access speed slow, spiders crawl affected.

is for some attention to the virtual host website optimization shows, webmasters may feel or not comprehensive, because this is the main factors that influence the virtual host Shanghai dragon rather than a dedicated virtual host selection guide, need the webmaster friends can refer to the relevant articles. >

: the first to buy the host, try not only cheap, cheap is behind the main business and services oversold is not stable, do not think that low price you can buy good stuff, placed a large number of sites in a server, once a site flow is too large will inevitably lead to their own server resource is consumed. The website will be affected, one often can’t open web search engine will not give high weight.

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