Personal website to the enterprise website line is conducive to improve website weight

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how personal site and enterprise website line, personal website operated by an individual or a team, then you want to link with the enterprise website, it must change a lot of things, but this is not conducive to the development of the website, the content and design can be modeled on the enterprise website, good internal and external chain, website content is a good development of personal website, enterprise website also not all the same, the intensity of competition even bigger than the personal website, so everyone in the choice should be good planning.

first look at the general enterprise website structure, enterprise website is the enterprise in the Internet a name card, a symbol of the influence of the enterprise, but also restrict the development of enterprise Internet service, a good corporate website can not only reflect the enterprise culture and bring benefits to the enterprise, the enterprise website design will generally have the following sections: company profile, products, news, contact information and so on, pay attention to the corporate website is simple and fresh, so easy to give a good impression, but also can reflect the enterprise culture, so when the enterprise website to look up the design, may wish to refer to the enterprise website, it is to identify the search engine on your.

personal website is now the most common site in the Internet, this is not the lack of forums, blogs, websites and so on different types of industries, but also the individual stationmaster profit model is relatively small, in addition to the general advertising revenue, personal service, product promotion is the main source of income of the individual owners, so in this form of personal webmaster need to quickly explore their own profit model, high weight of enterprise website just played a role in this web site high weight released the contents of the search engine can immediately identify beenincluded, conducive to the website ranking, increase transaction volume effectively, this is a direction of development of personal webmaster at present, you might imagine, the difference between high weights to the same content in low weight.

on something personal website and the enterprise website, but I think if you want to use the advantages of enterprise website, might as well do some enterprise website with personal website is better, so that the effective use of enterprise website advantage, can also improve the personal website. This paper consists of carnitine 贵族宝贝jianfeiyes贵族宝贝/ original, welcome to reprint, keep this link, please reprint


last night when Shanghai love query weights, see the love Shanghai definition for the weights of the website, found that the search engine can identify the enterprise website, enterprise website not what regular updates, but not how much weight is very high, I suddenly thought of can put personal website to the corporate website is excessive, and then get high weight what personal website to the corporate website is conducive to improve the line website, let us analyze current structure of the enterprise website, individual website, and then discuss how to emulate the enterprise website.

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