Shanghai dragon is to not only content outside the chain optimization

"content is king, the chain for emperor" is always the first to know each new Shanghai dragon, also heard the maximum sentence. However, this situation only eight words can the true meaning of Shanghai dragon? Is Shanghai dragon is so simple? The answer is: NO. The quality of the website is decided by many factors, the optimization of the workers every day to do not simply add content, send the chain. Here, the senior site optimization engineer, network marketing planning edge in the storehouse of actual personal experience and we analyze several factors affecting the results of the Shanghai dragon.

Navigation settings and overall architecture of the

now has a saying that the domain name of the selected sites for Shanghai dragon is very small, can be ignored. In fact. Shanghai dragon is focused on every detail. Don’t think the little effect can be ignored, this idea is often the real reason you do not good.

we all know, the web directory level the lighter the better, better not more than 3 directory. The top-level domain name (e.g. 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝.cn/) than the two level domain name (for example: Shanghai dragon.Www.xxxx贵族宝贝.cn) the weight is high; the two level domain than the column page (for example: 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝.cn/html/ / the Shanghai dragon) high weight; column page than the content page (for example: 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝.cn/html/2012/ _0115/646.html of the Shanghai Dragon) high weight; static path (for example: 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝.cn/html/wztg/) than dynamic path (for example: 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝.cn/html/wlyx.aspx? Nid=959) is more conducive to search engine recognition and capture.

website, 3

2, the domain name selection and URL path set

web serverThe server

here about the main factors include: server speed and stability and the distribution server. Now many sites are virtual space, a lot of people think that the virtual host is "low apartment", the server is "high single family residential". However, as long as the security of the server, the server stability and speed, select the virtual host and independent server not what difference.


site navigation website is in addition to the highest weight than the title, description and keywords. Is the user’s experience of the most important factors. Site navigation structure clearly allows users to find the information they need in the shortest time, search engine will also love this kind of navigation. In addition, site navigation to use a plain text form, so the search engine will be read to, at the same time will also give a lot of weight. Cut.

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