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two: optimization cheating with right way Tonggui optimization


rain Shanghai dragon is known as the "Shanghai Dragon Flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum mythology", but also to go, eventually escape death. Now even the rain in Shanghai Longfeng sound not far, but will gradually be forgotten. What is the reason? The core of Shanghai dragon is optimizing the long-term stability, if all Shanghai dragon Er so follow, finally to optimize the customer list is the name of the stink of fear. Of course it is not just ironic black hat tactics, in the face of reality to overwhelming stability. The reason more people blindly worship mythology, others not so just do it like Zoupian Jian feng. For not knowing it is, even if there are rankings, but death is unpredictable, this is the Shanghai dragon optimized answer? In practical work, stable ranking can constantly create the ultimate value.

like as mentioned above, a qualified Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster in website optimization to understand black and white, but do understand, is another. Black hat.

: a search engine to recognize that cheating

optimization cheating, is nothing more than the use of search engine rules for cheating. On the packaging itself in its not aware of the situation, which is considered a "normal strong stand". From the end point, and the regular optimization is undoubtedly the same thing, as do the chain and content. Are dealing with search engine, the difference is a corruption of a rich, by the hard-working rich. However, black is black, white is white, black and white if it is not divided, and there are rules? If so, the search engine will not exist. So, whether it is Shanghai dragon Er, or the webmaster, do not blindly worship mythology, the journey is always right. Adhere to their own doing, stability overrides everything you back to go further.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, some sites were detected by means of cheating, drop right even K station, but the station did not know. Fundamentally speaking, is the webmaster of the lack of knowledge, in the optimization process of the optimization of the site go astray. This method of cheating, often as a general means of cheating, which is more likely to be aware of the search engine. The main performance is: the hidden text, hidden links, link, jump, keyword stuffing and replacement, link bait factory. Cheating professional? Not professional, the search engine has been identified, the people are not willing to understand Shanghai, so give yourself a jump.

on the other hand, is deliberately cheating on site optimization, the black hat test a wide range of cheating, such as: a large chain wheel, large-scale station group, mirror site. In general, Xiaodaxiaonao will not be noticed, but if the face is to block the consequences. As a Shanghai dragon Er, starting from the actual situation, so the optimization is not recommended, stable ranking is the key to


three: website optimization, understand choose black and white, this is the

Shanghai dragon

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