Summary may lead to the reasons for the decline in ranking 7


for small webmaster, from search engine traffic station most. Keywords ranking determines from the search engine to much traffic. So none of us want to go hard to do keywords ranking drop. Also in the actual work to avoid such a situation, the following summary of some keyword ranking can lead to the reasons for the decline.

The early

fifth, pseudo original acquisition causing the site to drop right

this is a common search engine for the server, the stability requirements are very high, especially the love of Shanghai search. If in the spider crawling, the server is often a problem, then the site is likely to be right down, keywords ranking drop also can hardly be avoided. So, the website must choose stable server.

competition at any time, so the website ranking, without any problems, do a reasonable job every day. But it is likely that your competitors in terms of optimization than yourself, other keywords in the rankings and more than us, our natural ranking will fall. In order to keep the rankings, the optimization of every day maintenance work must be in place. Otherwise we might not be back, but others in advance.

sixth, the search engine update algorithm,

this is also common, a large collection of data if not made false original work, then the right to be reduced is possible. Nature will lead to a drop in. The solution is to improve the quality of content, the amount of data collected by don’t try to do too much, pseudo original. Better to write original content.

second, surmounted by the competitor

website will bring some right down, in this period of time may cause the keywords ranking drop. This depends on the specific degree of website. A small revision in general, not a big problem, if a small revision leads to decreased keywords more powerful, so that the site itself weight is not high. In addition the replacement site program is a big operation, right down is the keyword ranking decline can hardly be avoided, but also the probability of an event is often placed in a sandbox is also very possible. As little as possible without changing the program revision.

fourth, website revision or change program

third, its website optimization excessive, cheating

search engine algorithm are always changing, how to calculate the search engine rankings, say, we are not able to control its algorithm, but we can.

first, the server is not stable

I have made a mistake, a keyword has a good ranking, but I want it better, then stack keywords, and add the chain on the keywords in the footer template, the station anchor text links to the home page. The result is of course by search engine cheating, keywords ranking Not the least trace was found. Above, for example, to illustrate a point, appropriate optimization, do not be anxious, excessive optimization. Otherwise it will backfire.

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