Do the system website internal optimization four

website optimization most began to do internal optimization, this is no doubt. The Shanghai dragon internal website optimization will consider in the beginning of the site, will make a reasonable layout of the site, so do internal optimization system. Internal optimization can be divided into link optimization, code optimization, content optimization and optimization of key words in four aspects, the following eleven to introduce:

is the best site for the most concise code. I met a webmaster, code optimization is particularly severe, the general site is at least 2-3 home screen, but his website is only a screen, there is no need to talk about flash, JS call, frame framework need to pay attention to the area, he is doing very well, here is not to introduce his website with advertising the suspect.

code optimization so how do systemic change? I feel the need to follow two principles: first, the code needs to do as far as possible to streamline; important label two, inside the code need to rational use. These two principles may seem simple, but very few webmaster can do, especially for the use of some of the labels, many webmaster feel powerless, here we need in practice experience accumulated slowly.

said the link optimization actually have a lot of places to say, because the link to the website is very important. Good website link level generally does not exceed three, or more than four layers, not because the search engine can’t grab, but because of the weight of the search engine will give deep web lower. You can check the Sina and other large portals, they link to grasp is very reasonable, in the link optimization doing quite well.

of course, as a qualified Shanghai, we sometimes do not need too much knowledge of the code, but the basic knowledge must grasp, such as a simple HTML language, meta tags, H1 tags, ALT tags are very important. Personally feel that the meta tag is the most important, because we want to set up a website in the title tag inside the site keywords, description, and relative to the H1 label also is very important, because many times we use this tag to highlight key words.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. There are many webmaster to share some experience to do their own station at Admin5 and Chinaz every day, but few people are sharing website promotion system of knowledge, many of which are about one aspect of the skills, or do the chain, either do content, or do the chain, or smaller field. Website promotion system is in a word I love to see the Shanghai encyclopedia, think of the words we do very much in line with the Shanghai dragon website promotion, website promotion because we need to grasp in the system and overall, here to share with you some of the views of the system for their own internal site optimization, it is not mature enough, but focusing on sharing.

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