A basic daily Shanghai Longfeng workers

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4. look at the first thing Shanghai dragon and almost every webmaster webmaster forum every morning to own website data query again, if there are large differences in the situation is likely to post to the forum for help and advice, also, we can send the content they learned yesterday search engine what new moves to analyze the website the reason is their data fluctuation caused by itself or belong to a common cause.

1. see their industry cutting-edge information update a website to increase the weight, it will need to update information timely, perfect. For most of the webmaster, may not reach the latest information on the capture and writing ability, so the latest information, suitable for two times and then released the same processing performance of search engine of a friendly, you can find these information to start from the love to the Shanghai news, gradually after tracking to news sources later, you can directly subscribe, try to achieve synchronous update, then the weight lifting effect is obvious.

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web site in the search engine’s state of the morning to open the computer, use Adsense tools to check the snapshot, included, the chain changes and keywords ranking changes, cut a figure every day (this is important), after the habit by comparing the screenshot every day you can pass some minor changes to find problems. For example, why not updated, why the 5 article pseudo original love Shanghai only included the 3, why the chain increased yesterday, today has reduced, which keywords lost, what reason. Through these why, you will be able to recall a few days ago do not know about the reason, the website was suddenly K, styled, summed up the analysis in the course of time, you can probably feel the love of Shanghai temper, at least not guilty of taboo.


as a network optimization personnel in various stages of the website set goals and daily tracking feedback and timely adjustment of strategies, so as to use the shortest time to do the most efficient, and daily affairs is the fundamental guarantee for the smooth progress of the network optimization. As Shanghai dragon ER, ten things you should do is the following day.

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2. spend an hour learning the Internet is a change rapidly in the industry, Shanghai dragon is even more so, I first half training knowledge of Shanghai dragon, now obsolete, so each Shanghai dragon ER should hold a humble attitude, not necessarily of Shanghai dragon, you can learn some web editing knowledge, PS skills, speed up copywriting skills, these knowledge can’t guarantee that you can become one of the top Shanghai dragon Er, but can make you grow as a qualified webmaster.

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