Don’t have the order reversed website optimization key is people oriented

first, part of the higher ranked website layout, out of order.

fourth, the death of frequent


third, Links anchor text of all kinds of


we will make the search engine to give you what kind of punishment, you imagine you into a station, a link and a point cannot pass, you will also leave the site in

the second update to update the content and theme of the site, have no relevance.

content is king, will continue to be updated, the original time. But there is a premise that the content should be associated with the site. In fact, to do this, especially the enterprise website to do this, the difficulty is very large, often with words related to basic products is not advertising. But not as hard, just collect something over, this will not be the search engine punishment has not been determined, but will make the professional visitors to your website doubt.

No matter the death of We all know that

web page is equivalent to the human face. If you are on a person without a good impression, you also have the interest to understand his inner beauty, as well as the website. The layout of the site to make a glance, then browse the lost interest, then you can have high ranking and how, how attracted Shanghai Longfeng flow, can not be led to the conversion of the flow or not for the future transformation of the benefits flow, is a waste.

recently love Shanghai frequently movement, also let me have the honor to enter a lot before not entered the site. Also through the analysis of their site, find traces change love Shanghai algorithm. As for through the analysis of these stations, find what has been described in detail in the other. Here, I want to remind the new owners, also warned that some unscrupulous Shanghai dragon ER website, after all is to allow people to see, do not give the spider climb.

was originally formed by the beautiful 贵族宝贝taipl贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source.

I Links attitude is patient. It is called Links, is link to sites and their station is friendship, is associated with the website, is likely to use the information. You cannot link to the chain with a number of himself completely irrelevant, even some of the anchor text do not meet the national harmonious policy, such a chain, do you think there is much use for your development site

now we are talking about the user experience, this is a very profound things, and even the psychological analysis of different people, I am not just starting from I display slight skill before an expert, a common point of view of the visitors, said some of the basic needs of users, for your reference.

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