Enhance the 3 strategies of the chain survival rate

is the best way to interact with others often, increase their own blog popularity, while others see our article may go to click on the anchor text in the article, bring us flow. This link weight our blog on high. These links are our own blog control, natural high survival rate.

? The

also suggested in the blog before being collected first not to blog with anchor text, can increase their Links Forum on the blog, this is likely the blog system to delete and love Shanghai not included is low, the survival rate also increases.

how to ensure the survival of a chain of high

the best way is to join a QQ group or training institutions. So we are on the bottom of a platform, not bow to see the rise, not disorderly withdrawal link, you can also pay more attention to what the master is concentrate on the station, and his change, because these people are long-term, trustworthy. For friends of the chain and the owners, in order to ensure that the Friends >

site outside the chain release pathway is the most widely used forum signature, but through practice found, BBS signature that leave link effect is not so obvious. The website is in character signature, we must write some advertisements to attract customers to entice them to click on.

chain is the most important success rate, if you are outside of the chain is deleted, so that the chain strategy you are wrong. There are 4 ways I send the chain, the pro survival rate is high, this share:

The culture blogThe For example:


so I can enter the hcsem贵族宝贝 label design [free access to the value of 3000 yuan in Shanghai Longfeng this tutorial], can attract a lot of Shanghai Longfeng newcomers entering my website, then I offer some of my writing tutorial ebook, draws them into my QQ group, the implementation of the flow guide.

in this case, you just advertise on the label, articles by pseudo original, the quality is relatively, so this is not easy to be deleted, the survival rate of the natural high. The signature and candrainage to flow, the chain of this quality is high.

: a forum signature chain release method

three: Links exchange method

blog and website, not all content will be included, so we have to keep updated blog content, to make up the number of quality defects.

Blog message board

but some webmaster love to others with Web links, but the current mainstream blog for reply link tag do NOFOLLOW restrictions, only links is not enough.

chain is the most painful the other It is without rhyme or reason. closing link, resulting in loss of friends of the chain, the home link is often the site high weight of the chain, the weight will drop a lot of cancellation.

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