Analysis of Links assessment criteria

two, observe each other site chain.

good?The weight of The update speed of

love Shanghai snapshot of response to a certain extent the site is normal. Exchange Links generally see snapshot several levels: the snapshot of the next snapshot, 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 10 days or more. Love Shanghai more new snapshot, the search engine spiders crawling and crawling more frequently. It is not difficult to find that in general the more new snapshot website, the possibility of the new page of the station to be included is also bigger, included time is fast, even seconds. This site is usually snapshot of the day or the next day. Another is to see each other website site results, this is in the first place. The query can be simply detected by webmaster tools. For example, a webmaster tools, love stand tools, search tools and so on the webmaster.

3, the observation of the other Links.

1, correlation. Now the search engine related to paying more and more attention, if the exchange Links are related industry site is best. The weight and exchange and other relevant industry link to get more low, even the effect is almost negligible. We are here not only to exchange and their related Links correlation, also want to observe the other site Links.

webmaster friends all know, on the site in the search engine ranking factors mainly include two categories: the station optimization and stood outside optimization. The station optimization includes brand promotion and external links. External links also include Links and other one-way links. Today Hunan Shanghai dragon Changsha small stresses under Links, then we how to determine the quality of the other site, which we can exchange the website and Links on their website

, an observation of the other site snapshots and included, site is normal.

Friends >

The number of

2, the website is normal. The same as in the above article, not only to see the other side of the site is normal, but also to see each other website friendship site is normal. Here you can through the Links detection tools to detect. Look at the snapshot, the other site included and site is on the first page.

site can pass through a link, if the site can have a high weight and less Links export link, then the weight of this site is rising quickly. But such Links rarely, for the novice webmaster, it is not the exchange. Some senior webmaster will have some resources, their own contacts, when developing a new web site, you can use high weight site Links to quickly upgrade the new ranking and weighting. If the site links are identified search engine friendly site Links, this site is likely to be, even by the search engine directly K off. So how to determine suitable exchange links and what site? Xiaobian summarized the following five points, for the novice webmaster reference.

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