What is the page from the pages of the answer is dispersed to the solution chain

in the US, wheat bags once occupied Taobao keyword, rebate network, net return, have occupied a large flow of the Taobao keyword, but these sites are in good times don’t last long, the key lost the original position, has become the most purchasing chain alone, remember the time also, the return of net for my website hope I can buy a link, then did not sell, then there is no then; if I’m not mistaken, that time, these sites are the anchor text piling the key of "Taobao", the final in Shanghai love of the washing time of links. All of a sudden be cleaned off, so, if you do a anchor text too much words, is likely to affect Shanghai to link strategy is love, this is we do in the chain of non Often need to pay attention to.

outside the chain of high quality? The low quality of the chain? NO, do not need such vague answer, we just want to be the construction of the chain from the home page is distributed to the real situation of the chain for a website, do not know how many friends tried, home because too many links, and suffered injustice love Shanghai, do not know how many friends concerned with the home page link building, and ignore the content of the page information, or home page, only the full support is what we should do, this article, from the perspective of construction method about link.

page, someone said, in the pages of a web site so much, I should like.


home page link is essential, do good, can be very good to improve the weights of the home page, do not, even the domain name will be punished, so when you do the home link, more should be shifted to the eyes of the inside pages, because when the inside pages of the guide weight the link is greater than the number of home, is the value of a website truly reflected. Because to solve the problem is often the inside pages, because good topics need to be explained in detail, professional interpretation is perfect, who is the achievement of a site at this time, that is the best we share within the page. Like you don’t know why the answer for each question is not love Shanghai know home page, but love Shanghai know, just as you do not know every product is not a Alibaba’s home page, but the page in the page of Alibaba, is a website promotion core, do the inside pages, in weight there will be a greater role.

to the high quality chain, then we buy links in the large-scale industry website, spent heavily every month bought a large number of the chain, as weight force, orientation of their home page as everyone knows, when the link more return is another scene, some websites are in love with the sea dried up, some down right finally, from the absolute bad impression, always think of a web site in the chain construction, there will be a degree, when more than this time, doubt the construction of the chain of Shanghai would love to you, why are so many links on the home page, rather than and it is not obvious to find suspected of cheating on

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