Three optimization methods for improving key import sticky visitors

for the website optimization, we are very concerned about the website of the daily IP and PV value change, hope the visitor data website has steadily risen, visitors return rate and page views can have very good growth. But most of the time our data may be as good as expected. Usually found from the search engine into a lot of visitors directly jump out. How do we change this situation? Means to keep visitors today and share the next letter. As these are included within the page are, we must make full use of, and many webmaster may ignore it.


third is to improve the user experience of the introduction page.

is the first from the import keyword to find web pages

on the introduction page

of the page the user experience is improved, such as when we send the article does not know which pages can be collected, and in what keyword import flows, but through the analysis of the key import now, we will be able to targeted keywords around the page changes, this is also in line with the now Google search the new algorithm content correlation.

second is the local anchor

this process is our main purpose is to import and export of construction on the lower reaches of the article page, not within the chain optimization, so the core of our construction is around the content, method is the content in the article is very important for some words to describe, but this is not described directly in the text add page links but, in front of the anchor for the guide. For example, there are about 007 financial network article on spot gold account opening process, if the guest visitors to this page from search engine search by keyword, we can easily add a note saying: "if you are concerned about the safety of funds, you can look at Shita Motomoon:" followed the downstream anchor. This avoids the declarative only for the construction of the chain and anchor boring.

for these to be included within the page, we more often only from the search engine keyword to observation is what page introduction. They seldom pay attention to the site into the flow of "ready to downstream links, whether very good user experience, whether can realize the correlation between content and keyword is very good! As the site optimization of maintenance personnel, if can be a good guide for those entering the visitors, our website will be able to more comprehensive display to visitors. On site visit depth, user stickiness will improve the quality of. To improve the visitors in the access depth within the site, we can proceed from the following three aspects:

we all know love Shanghai and Google, the open platform is its own open platform, where you can easily find his home open. The latter is in fact open, very good reputation. Do not discuss exactly who is good, I just want to say that we should learn to love the Shanghai box, Google put. The box is the first time to achieve the customer wants, according to the importance of keywords into the flow, we can on your website to provide more relevant content.

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