n Shanghai Longfeng chain do not have to worry about living learning experience is so simple

chain for Shanghai dragon optimization, is only a most basic work, journey, from the tower from the tired soil, the chain is the foundation, is a little, so how to improve the chain site work? The Internet will tell you to find high quality sites to do outside the chain, but the details did not put forward the construction of the chain method, the author thinks that it is necessary to analyze from the details, a chain of the Commissioner should be how to deal with high quality website construction site outside the chain.

in the release site outside the chain at the same time, also want to pay attention to the analysis of the construction of the chain mode of competitors, this is one of the shortcut we are looking for high quality chain construction of channels, we can also go to rival the chain construction of the road to the construction of the chain of their more rapid point while looking for the competition for >

to send the chain have platform, often need to do through the soft, but more often to the Commissioner of the chain through diligently pursuit to find the suitable platform outside the chain, the chain is currently able to achieve free platform and has a certain quality mainly include the community platform and blog and talent network, classified information network as well as a variety of B2B platform and so on, these platforms often have a certain appreciation potential, of course, because these platforms often not optimized, and the ranking is not necessarily how high, so look for these resources also need some skills, such as when we want to find forums and blog resources resources can enter the intitle command in the search box. The latter is the basic format of the intitle:bbs community bolg, when to find such a platform, also on this platform by the PR value And the weight of evaluation, found the platform has the potential to have these resources can be recorded, and began to publish.

, sorting and searching resources

after finding appropriate resources to proceed with the chain, this time for the chain platform to focus on the relevant channels, these channels should be and their website content relevance, this point in love after Shanghai Scindapsus aureus two generation algorithm, it becomes more important to the related, such as you in the B2B platform website has released a delicacy channel, medical advertising, it will obviously cause irrelevant questions, once this is love Shanghai green decision algorithm will be considered cheating, not only can improve the site weight, will cause the site to be punished. Let the chain work pay for water.

in the chain, we must pay attention not to irrigation area, although the chain released more easily through this place, but since it is irrigation, once the post too much will be cleaned, there is no need to save on the site, if the chain released too much, you can easily cause a number of site outside the chain of stability, is not conducive to the construction of the website chain.

two, the chain release skills

three, focus on the analysis of competitor

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