How to analyze layout and maintenance of long tail keywords website

, a writer in the beginning nor what direction, but after a series of studies, some conclusions are acquired, a good way to find a few, for everyone to share.

can look at each other’s words, the chain and see each other website, it will be easy to see each other with what word, the word statistics, do some comparison, get their own long tail keywords.

statistical tool has a feature that is to see the background, let you know every IP where you come from, from which the word, this method is very effective, when you find a word recently a lot of the IP, it can do optimization for a long time the.

for example, we want to do a forum that Australia, we love Shanghai Australia Forum, the relevant search in the following, there is the following ten related search,

3: through the search engine to find.

in this way, we can get ten related keywords and long, we again click on one word, for example, click on the first Australia Forum,

2: site to arrange statistical tools, using digital analysis.

first, for starters, see with a certain keyword counterparts, will take the most probably it did not actually happen, can not understand the long tail keywords of interest. From the angle of novice, I give you introduce long tail keywords from the shallower to the deeper, let everyone, especially the new people can understand the long tail keywords, pay more attention to the significance of the long tail keywords, so best to dig the long tail keywords.

long tail keywords after selection, >

Now almost all of the ?

, to the long tail keywords benefits in the understanding, the first time I would go to the long tail, but no clue, and some mining tools provide long term, but the verification tools to find the long tail is almost crazy, so we don’t depend too much on.

In fact, ?Many novice

: where to go to find the long tail keywords

you can see, it is ten long tail keywords, and so on, we will find that the long tail word really is not " " dig;.

1: go to a competitor’s site for.

and looking for the long tail keywords in the search engine, there is a benefit, that these words are traffic, search words, that is to say these words once up, will immediately bring traffic, IP, for individual webmaster, what website flow enhance other people more happy

love is either Shanghai or Google, we search in a short term, the bottom will appear ten related search, and the ten related search is the best source of our long tail keywords.

? What is the

two: how to set the long tail keywords on the site of

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