Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report code URL and link st

in addition, we need to pay attention to is the use for web page label inside, common Tiltle, meta, h1-h6, alt, such as the use of B tags, the usage I will not say, in these tags inside the layout a lot of some key words, increase the weight of keywords. In addition, it is noted that the research is using the Robots.txt file, and whether the use of DIV+CSS layout. Basically we do these can complete code analysis, make this part of the Shanghai dragon diagnosis.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. To tell you in front of the three aspects of the "Shanghai dragon diagnosis virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon website positioning diagnosis report" analysis of "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website keyword analysis" "virtual son rain: analysis of" Shanghai dragon website code, URL diagnostic report and link structure, are rough talk about their own views, for the Shanghai Dragon said to come up with a specific diagnosis if we plan in fact there are many places that need attention. Today I want to talk about and then for the other three aspects of Shanghai dragon diagnostic report: website code, URL, and the analysis of link structure.

A URL, the length should not be too long, this is common sense, because.

we all know that a web site is good or bad, and sometimes the website code, URL, link structure is a great relationship, a simple and beautiful website search engine is sure to give a good impression, simple static URL can gain the search engines crawl, link structure can improve the rationality user experience. I come to you to explain in detail the three aspects for our Shanghai dragon optimization requirements.

2, URL analysis of

for the website code language, search engine is not what special requirements, so we both use PHP, or ASP, will not affect the search engine, but if used to do the code more concise, then this site is very good, of course, requires us to be able to bring the site to do beautiful, pay more attention to the user experience. Before I met a website is very good, a small business station, which basically enterprises need functions are realized, but the page code is only one screen, appearance is relatively good, the site’s ranking is very good, has been the first. So I’m the most direct understanding of the site code is simple, a lot of the time we said that is to optimize the code to eliminate redundant code, which can not only eliminate the burden on the page, to achieve noise reduction, can also get to the optimization effect.

for URL, a lot of friends in detail, but the basic URL I can escape the analysis of four aspects: length, level, and static structure. Following is a brief talk about his own views:

1, website code analysis

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