How to see the love Shanghai website to verify the upgrade Fang Yuan you

1, many began to contact the Shanghai Phoenix this road friend is not very clear what is web site verification verification, said Shanghai is easy to understand that love can be more thorough and included your site design, but also to let the webmaster can better see their website resources, through the love sea for example, included, where from the search site, is very helpful for the novice webmaster, so this is a mutual process.


two, here is a look at the site to verify the upgrade what is

Shanghai May 30th

2 upgrade, another kind of authentication method

love love Shanghai website to verify new upgrade, which makes the station who shines, before the verification tool is not only cumbersome and tedious steps, its sub stations are need to be verified one by one, which makes the webmaster is very headache, especially the sub station, many webmaster. " after the upgrade will provide three types of authentication for the webmaster, and has been verified in main website case, batch add the corresponding sub station, without verification, convenient webmasters quickly obtain the sub station data. And in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire, eliminate the webmaster repeated verification site trouble, help site operators. "


, what is the site verification tool

site verification tool after the upgrade of the content – support batch add sub station

site verification tool to upgrade, modify the domain name before either with or without 3www 3www master domain name under the sub needs to be verified one by one, you can upload the master under the domain name domain name sub process is no longer tedious, you can view all sub station data.

this site verification tool to upgrade another authentication, which is to some AdSense for the first two verification verification is not successful and further improvement, is CNAME authentication, you need to log domain provider or hosting provider website, add new DNS record. This also makes verification easier.

to complete the verification, after waiting for love in Shanghai to review it. What specific operation proposal stationmaster can love Shanghai Webmaster Platform (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/site/index).

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2, the certification process is landing Shanghai love Webmaster Platform first, there are three ways to verify the website: file verification, verification and validation of CNAME HTML label (later mentioned).

(1). You need to download the file validation: validation file, upload the file to your server, placed in the root directory of the domain name.

(2):.Html tag verification tag and tag HTML tag added to the web page HTML code.

After the

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