Title Optimization effectively make the leading website

do not repeat Title SiteRepeat Need to include


4, the title should contain the name of the enterprise

site optimization is very large, there are a variety of ways, including the optimization of the title is very effective for ranking. I’d like to teach you a few optimize Title coup, make your site leading. These optimization methods are the title I summed up from the lottery website optimization experience on Website Title system. Through practice, these optimization methods of the title is the search engine of love.

1, the title is simple and easy to understand

site title contains the name of the enterprise, on the one hand to let the reader to distinguish between the source of the construction, on the other hand also facilitate site or organization brand. The brand is invisible, visible through the title, help users and search engines to remember your site. Such as the lottery website system the title of the site I would like to _ Xiaofeng lottery lottery website system software development company, this title for the users to understand.

site title with keyword search engine to determine the theme of the site, but also conducive to the user to determine the content of the website analysis. So the title is very important in the web. As for the lottery website system Title Description, we will include this lottery website keywords in the page title, to help users better understand the page and search engine.

Character length

3, not excessive accumulation of the keyword

The navigation information of

2, the website keyword in the title

site navigation information in the title, I before the lottery website system website to do so, that can increase keyword. This approach is not conducive to the user’s reading, while increasing the length of the title. For search engines, and may cause the website directory key competition, it is more harm than good.

in Shanghai love search, often find keyword accumulation now, such an approach to the site in a short time ranking will have a good effect, but a long time is easy to search engine evaluation for cheating. I like 贵族宝贝szbgw.cn/ lottery website this website, used in the title system, lottery lottery website website program etc. such similar words also belong to the key word accumulation approach. Only to increase keyword density behavior is not only led to an increase in the user to read the title, and may be judged as search engine cheating. Website optimization, or just write the title, presents a real page to the user and search engine.

search engine appear in search results have certain limitations, how to show the information as much as possible to the user in the limited character, it is very important for users. The general search engines display the title in the 40 word length. So in the lottery website system site title set, the title of my general control in about 30 words, concise Title easier for users to read and understand.

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