f there is no love in Shanghai how to operate our website

the answer is to do the brand, the brand is a sign that he is not the so-called brand, such as the Zac master of Shanghai Longfeng daily post blog, I believe that many webmaster have to subscribe or collection of his blog, in fact, this is a brand effect. To reach this point is not a short duration of time of the power, the webmaster to from the long-term perspective, to develop ideas to improve the website operation, in the implementation process also needs to be adjusted according to user requirement analysis.

remember, the search engine is just one of many channels in a network, although it is groundless statement, but we really need to consider, if you lose the search engine, what we can do.


6.22 event data line

user favorite is reasonable

search engine is a kind of network channel

to the K station incident makes a complete statistics, I think most of the station was K belong to the kind of purely Shanghai dragon for the flow of the site, now Shanghai Longfeng optimization has become the basic understanding of the most for the website operation, in fact, is to search engine spiders, for playing some small smart, but they forget that the search engine company hundreds of sophisticated engineers also not to eat the cooked rice, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is the user, so the user is transformed, and against the will of all is to be eliminated sooner or later.

June 22nd love Shanghai large area K station at the beginning, many grassroots webmaster in this tough summer took a bit of anxiety, the webmaster related forums hot, many have hundreds of station full-time webmaster by K more than nine in ten, the economy suffered a blow as can be imagined, so from this point of view, the birth of the anti Shanghai alliance is love it has a reasonable. The events of the past so long time, whether you are sober before or militant, as a member of Chinese Internet industry, we should continue to move forward, as the pace of the urgent stop and reflect on. We may wish to conduct a hypothesis, if the world does not love Shanghai, how should we do? Maybe you will say Google, I want to say is from this event, we should change the idea of a web site operators, have their own user groups is the root of this website, if one day there is no search engine there is one thing, the benign development we can continue to maintain the website, this is the website operation path.

some will fall into a quick misunderstanding, think the site has the flow, it means that there are sales, both if you want to become a peer relationship, so we need to define a flow front, is the depth of communication flow, the depth of communication represents the net station and not just a simple user page collection relationship, more important is that the user from this website to get what, to get the latest knowledge on a professional blog

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