Behind the medical website technique of SEM hand code standardization is humanized

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] website security

site maintenance and normal operation should be as the most fundamental duty of work site developers. Whatever the nature of the site, once the consequences be unbearable to contemplate the black. Compared to the SEM medical industry, the website was hacked is the crowning calamity. Medical machine >


medical website design website design is different from other Internet related industries, although our medical site may not only one, but also can not rule out this possibility. No matter how many of our website, website design of medical SEM, all need to be prepared to fight a protracted war.

in the February 20th "SEM medical Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy to cater to the user search experience" in a paper published, there are a lot of friends and the Shanghai dragon medical medical industry keyword strategy are discussed in the paper, there are some strategies and ideas to deal with the keywords anchor text link friends proposed fee. The layout strategy about the key words, the author think that it is the main keywords or long tail keywords, regardless of which one is optimization ranking stage, we will find that there are more or less words can attract users to enter the site, and these words is totally unexpected outside. This is really the only user keywords to search. I have seen the keyword table planning some medical institutions, which either keywords or long tail word, specialization and terms are very. Although the keywords of the station ranking is very good, but the traffic is always flat. As the search experience "mentioned at the end of a sentence in the" SEM medical Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy to cater to the user, the user experience is required by the real data analysis website to continuously change and try, it can be done gradually to follow and to meet the user’s habits." We are to set the keywords and the layout of the user search keywords is an indirect channel allows users to enter the site, but this passage is not immutable and frozen. So as we Shanghai Longfeng medical information data, should always pay close attention to the existing visitors and target of our users, users do follow the footsteps, by observation and testing for a long time, until finally can go before the user do our keyword layout.

for website development of medical SEM in the team, and not as general as Internet Co does not stop in the station development cycle, unlike large portal developers only need to carry out routine maintenance and major revision of the copy code. In my opinion, the website development of medical industry, is a Dripping water wears through a stone. project. We have to do is not just the website operation line can sleep without any anxiety, even to maintain its normal operation is only a small part of our work. It can be said that our work is not big changes, but focus on all the minor details as the trend of change (hereinafter mentioned).


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