Happy Birthday America Chavez aka Ms America

first_img Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Stay on target There are so many interesting and spectacular things about America Chavez that comics are just touching the surface of. America is a dyn-o-mite of a character since she stepped foot in the Marvel Universe. She’s also a big part in changing the way Marvel looked at their LGBTQ+ characters. In fact, America Chavez is the first openly queer POC to obtain her own ongoing series. But, on Ms. America’s birthday, let’s go back a little bit to talk about where she came from and how exactly she came to grace us.Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta, America Chevez first appearance was in the limited series Vengeance (2011). Born to Elena and Amalia Chavez, America was born in the Utopia Parallel, and if you guys don’t know, that’s a whole other dimension. This dimension is “in the presence of the Demiurge,” who is… a life essence. You know, that good ol’ wacky Marvel sci-fi timey-wimey stuff. As America started to get older, she gained some of her powers from that life essence which allowed her to grow stronger by the day.Everything was happy. The Utopia Parallel was the chillest place to be until it was threatened with attack and destruction. Elena and Amalia Chevaz wanted to protect their home and sacrificed themselves to stabilize that reality. As you can imagine, America ended up losing her mums in the process. America admired her mums, especially their sacrifice even though she was still saddened and angry about it. America made a choice. She decided to dedicate herself to doing some good. She left her home to leap from dimension to dimensions, realities to realities to help those in need.Something about America that is always so intriguing is how much of a mysterious yet tough cookie she is. She’s one of those characters that’s so tough as nails on the outside. You’re wondering what’s brewing underneath all that. We’ve seen her soft side when it comes to helping people. We also see it with the people closest to her, namely Kate Bishop, her BFF and Lisa, her girlfriend or the teams she’s associated with. America still has some anger issues brewing, but that makes her even more of an enduring character. She’s caring, vulnerable, chivalrous, and reliable. She’s also capable, incredible, sarcastic, hilarious and a character that you can simply look up to. Both because she’s such a fierce character, but she’s literally a force to be reckoned with and a total badass. You don’t want to cross her.America has been apart of many teams throughout her years in comics. The very first was the Teen Brigade for a short amount of time. She co-lead the group with Ultimate Nullifier. Other members of the teen Brigade consisted of Angel Salvadore, Barnell Bohusk, and In-Betweener, who America saved from being captured. However, fans will remember Ms. America from her run in the fantastic and notable Young Avengers. She was also briefly apart of A-Force and the leader of The Ultimates!America’s powers are also off the charts. America is what’s not so popularly known as a Fuertona Starling. This means she’s able to travel throughout different Multiverses. She’s also able to do the normal superhero powers with speed, flight, and strength. However, she’s also invulnerable to a bunch of different things including bullets. I feel like I can stop there with explaining that cause if you can survive a bullet, you can survive anything. America is also able to “power stomp” and has super hyper-awareness in what goes on in all the dimensions.This might be the easiest rec list I can give you. Why? Because you should just read all of America Chavez’s runs. I’m serious. Every one of them has something incredible inside of them that builds America’s personality and sense of who she is and who she’s becoming. If you want to get into Chavez’s early beginnings, you’ve got to dive into Vengeance. The run that brought her into popularity and gave her a slick redesign and brilliant story is Young Avengers. You might also want to check out The Ultimates (read these guys. You will NOT regret it.), Ultimates 2, Avengers (2012), Patsy Walker A.K.A Hellcat. One comic that you absolutely can not miss is America, a series all of her own, going more into her home and her adventures. It’s a comic series that’s something special that no one should miss.Many ladies in the Marvel Universe are tough on the inside and out. America is definitely one girl that’s tough as rocks on the inside and out and we love her for it. Here’s to America Chavez. She’s beauty, she’s grace, I’d say thank you if she punched me in the face. Happy Birthday Ms. America! We can’t wait for you graduate to full Captain America one day!View as: One Page Slides1. ClemishSee It Here2. Claire RoeSee It Here3. 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