The Windows 8 logo has been revealed

first_imgYou probably already know that Windows 8 is going to be different from its predecessors in a number of ways. It’ll run on ARM processors, for example. It’s also missing a start button. And apparently it’s also getting an updated logo.Since the early days of Windows, there have been few changes to its iconic emblem. When Windows XP arrived, the heavy black “window frame” was removed. In Windows Vista it was updated slightly again, with Microsoft retooling the color palette and adding a slight glow effect to the middle. In Windows 8, it’s going full Metro.The familiar color scheme is gone. The waving flag effect is gone. This is about as simple and window-y as a logo can get: it’s just a single, bluish pane divided by a pair of white muntins. Perspective has been added, making the window seems slightly less static.That particular shade of blue is a bit of a surprise since it’s not a match for the Windows Vista logo or any of the blues used in the more recently revealed Windows Store logo. And rather interestingly, it’s a contrast to the Start Charm that you’ll be seeing in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview when it arrives at the end of the month.While the color has been drained, the Charm is still waving away. Windows 8 is still very much a work in progress, but what’s going on here? Why two different Windows emblems?It’s possible that the Charm is retaining the recognizable shape to remind users that the also-familiar Windows Desktop is still part of the experience in the new OS. The Metro-style logo won’t come as a surprise when Windows 8 boots to the Start Screen, but once a user flips to the desktop, the “vintage” Windows icon will be a better fit.More at Fudzillalast_img

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