Watch Apple cheese it up with this 1984 IBMbashing Ghostbusters parody

first_imgWhile many of Apple’s fundamental tenets — simplicity, focus on experience over specs, and elegant design — have been there from the get-go, the company has changed through the years. For evidence, look no further than this cheesed-up 1984 spoof of the film Ghostbusters.As you can see, numerous Apple employees use their Mac-powered proton packs to send IBM computers into the trash (Mac trash can icons to be exact). The video is called “Blue Busters,” in reference to IBM’s nickname “Big Blue.” It uses stop-motion animation to communicate just how badly Apple thought that IBM’s desktop PCs needed to be discarded. The video has an audio track that was recorded by the Ghostbusters theme’s singer, Ray Parker Jr., and even has a brief cameo by a 34-year-old Steve Wozniak.The in-house video was never aired as a marketing campaign; rather, it was supposedly aired at Apple’s 1984 International Sales Meeting. A man who says he was at the event says that it was staged as a multimedia extravaganda, including on-stage dancers. Apple was known to use a popular movie as its theme for these events, and it used Back to the Future in the following year’s sales event.While it adds a level of 80’s cheesiness that we don’t typically associate with Apple, there is an underlying attitude that should look familiar. Apple always liked to frame other (market-leading) PC makers as stodgy fools who needed to be displaced by the fun and cool Apple. We saw this with the original Big Brother Macintosh ad, and much later with the lengthy Microsoft-bashing Get a Mac (“I’m a Mac,” “I’m a PC”) campaign.via TheNextWeblast_img

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