Our province fellow Muslims celebrate Eid al Adha

9 month 12 days, our province Muslims ushered in the traditional festival of Eid al AdhA once a year. Muslims all over the province a new shower, dressed in festive costumes, bursting with happiness to celebrate the holiday, we exchanged greetings and best wish for national unity and social harmony, family happiness.

held in Xining Dongguan mosque ceremony, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, President of the Islamic Association of Xining Province, Dongguan mosque Imam Ma Changqing first to the provincial capital of the broad masses of Muslims to convey all congratulations to provincial government.

Ma Changqing said the strong leadership of the provincial government, the province and the province of Muslim compatriots of other ethnic groups together, actively participate in the national unity and progress of advanced district construction work, play "work together for common prosperity and development of positive energy". At present, the province’s social stability, national unity, religious harmony, the development of various social undertakings good momentum.

Ma Changqing said, we want to continue to work with the other ethnic groups, with a common fate, heart to heart, keep in mind the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai Commission, in accordance with the general secretary of the major requirements of Qinghai work "four solid", thinking and action with the Central Party committee, the provincial government deployed. Continue to carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, unity and progress, and the other ethnic groups together, as in the past to actively participate in Qinghai’s economic and social undertakings in the construction, for the synchronization of a comprehensive well-off society, to build a prosperous and civilized and harmonious beauty of new Qinghai, a China dream Qinghai chapter and make unremitting efforts.


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